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St. Thérèse on Suffering

St. Thérèse on Suffering

Season 2 Episode 5
Thérèse as Joan of Arc, public domain

Walter and Amy explore the deeper aspects of St. Thérèse’s spirituality related to the problem of suffering. Whether it was losing her parents at a young age, enduring the loneliness of rejection, or her own physical suffering, Thérèse bore her crosses with equanimity and even joy. Join Walter and Amy’s discussion of this perennial mystery: Why does Christ allow us to suffer? What purpose does it serve in our sanctification? How can we redeem our experiences of pain and rejection in order to live a more Christ-like life?

Reflective Questions

  • Have you watched a loved one suffer? What did you experience?

  • Have you felt insignificant or unnoticed? What can you learn from the life of St. Thérèse?


  • This episode: Heather King’s Shirt of Flame, Chapters 9 and 10

  • Next episode: Heather King’s Shirt of Flame, Chapters 11 and 12


Lord, when the world tells me I am nothing, help me to remember that you are not of the world.
When everything I do turns to ashes, help me to remember to turn to you.
When everywhere I turn is a blank wall, help me to see your face.
When I feel like an orphan, help me to remember that you are my Father.
When I feel like a frightened bird in a dead universe, help me to remember that love reigns eternal.
When I feel like I’m being stripped down to nothing, help me to know
that you are especially near.1


Hosts: Walter Emerson and Amy Chase
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King, Heather. Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2011.

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