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Bonus Episode! In Joan of Arc's Footsteps

Bonus Episode! In Joan of Arc's Footsteps

Amy Goes on Pilgrimage
Wall Mural of St. Joan of Arc, Rouen

Hey Heroic Hearts listeners! Season 2 is over, but we’re pleased to bring you this bonus episode in which Walter interviews Amy about her recent pilgrimage to France, following in the footsteps of St. Joan of Arc. If you didn’t catch Season 1 on the life of St. Joan of Arc, begin the adventure here!

From Amy:

This past June, I had the great privilege of joining Chris and Catherine Snidow of Pilgrim Witnesses and seven other Joan of Arc enthusiasts for a very special pilgrimage to France. For 10 idyllic days, we explored the villages, churches, battlefields, and castles in which the incredible, almost unbelievable drama of Joan of Arc’s heroic life played out. Even though I’d read the books and watched the films, nothing prepared me for standing in the very places where “Joan the Maid” walked, prayed, fought, and sacrificed. I think my fellow pilgrims would agree that we encountered not just a story, or even a legend, but a real human being whose soul shines with strength and beauty.

Our wonderful group at the Basilica of Joan of Arc, Domrémy-La-Pucelle


Here’s a brief itinerary:

June 17-19: “Base Orléans”

  • The monastery of St. Benoit-Sur-Loire where St. Benedict’s relics rest and through which Joan of Arc and the Dauphin Charles VII passed on their way to Reims for Charles’ coronation

  • The Chateau Sully-Sur-Loire, which hosted Joan during her Loire campaign

  • The city and Cathedral of Orléans

  • The historic site of Les Tourelles, where Joan fought the final battle to free Orléans

The fairy tale castle of Chateau Sully-Sur-Loire

June 20-23: “Base Domrémy-La-Pucelle”

  • The Basilica of Joan of Arc in Domrémy-La-Pucelle

  • The Fairy Tree

  • Maison de Natale de Jeanne D’Arc (i.e. the house where Joan was born)

  • Joan’s childhood church, St. Remy

  • Vaucouleurs, where Joan traveled to convince Robert de Baudricourt to give her escorts and an introduction to Charles VII

  • The Chapelle de Bermont where Joan prayed as a girl, and which contains the oldest known image of Joan of Arc

    Joan’s childhood home, Domrémy-La-Pucelle

June 24-26: “Base Reims” in Champagne, France

  • The Benedictine Monastery of St. Thierry

  • The Cathedral of Reims, where Charles VII had his coronation (made possible by Joan of Arc’s military victories and strategic foresight)

Smiling Angel detail, Cathedral of Reims

June 27: Rouen, France

  • The Cathedral of Rouen

  • The Tower where Joan was imprisoned

  • The Vielle Marche where Joan was burned at the stake

Rouen, France

Chris and Catherine are planning another pilgrimage in summer 2023. Please visit Pilgrim Witnesses to learn more and sign up!

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