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Heroic Hearts
Joan Prepares for Battle

Joan Prepares for Battle

Season 1 Episode 7

In this episode, Walter and Amy discuss Joan of Arc's preparations for war, how she gets her army into fighting (and praying) shape, and their first contact with the enemy. The winds of war are changing for France under Joan's brave leadership and more than one General is in for a surprise!

Hosts: Walter Emerson and Amy Chase

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Show Guide

  • 01:27 Enchanting Moments

  • 08:09 Prayer of the Heroic Hearts

  • 09:08 Review of Reflective Questions

  • 15:40 The 7th stage of the Hero's Journey

  • 15:51 Christopher Vogler, "The Writer's Journey"

  • 17:02 The important events of April 29-May 8

  • 18:43 The army assembles in Blois

  • 19:35 Joan meets General La Hire

  • 24:53 La Hire's famous "prayer"

  • 26:33 Veni Creator Spiritus

  • 27:48 Dunois, the Bastard of Orleans

  • 33:51 Joan's captains lead her to the wrong side of the river

  • 36:50 The Changing of the Wind

  • 42:48 The attack on the Bastille of St Loup

  • 44:52 Vita Sackville-West, "Saint Joan of Arc"

  • 46:50 Joan seizes the Bastille of the Augustins

  • 47:30 Walter gives a summary

  • 48:21 Joan brings order and courage to the French forces

  • 50:10 Reflective Questions

  • 53:11 Homework

  • 54:42 "February Afternoon" by Philip Edward Thomas

Reflective Questions

Describe a time when something typical, ordinary, and otherwise of little account happened to you in such a way that it changed your life. 

When the time comes to approach the great contest of your life, will you face it with fear or battle-joy?


  • This episode: Mark Twain's "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc", Bk 2: Ch. 11-20

  • Next episode: Mark Twain's "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc", Bk 2: Ch. 21-30



"February Afternoon" by Philip Edward Thomas

Cover Art: "The Maid in Armor on Horseback"  (Joan of Arc series II) by Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel 

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