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Heroic Hearts
Joan of Arc Crowns Her King

Joan of Arc Crowns Her King

Season 1 Episode 9

Walter and Amy discuss Joan of Arc’s crowning achievement (literally!) in the 9th stage of her heroic journey. Also, the importance of ceremony and ritual is considered in view of Charles VII’s coronation.

Show Guide

  • 01:15 Enchanting Moments

  • 01:29 Short Stories of Flannery O'Connor

  • 03:46 Icon painting

  • 06:58 Prayer of the Heroic Hearts

  • 07:33 9th Stage of the Hero's Journey

  • 08:28 Josef Pieper - In Tune with the World

  • 09:02 St. Chrysostom quote

  • 09:36 Reflective Questions

  • 13:50 Battle of Patay

  • 19:10 Attempts to downplay Joan of Arc's story

  • 23:11 Mark Twain lists the “Great Deeds of Joan of Arc”

  • 26:56 The Bloodless March

  • 31:57 Joan ransoms the prisoners at Troyes

  • 35:55 Drawing of Joan of Arc

  • 36:57 The Coronation of Charles VII at Reims

  • 38:44 Clovis, first Christian king of France

  • 41:50 The Holy Coronation Anointing Oil

  • 46:58 Bedford has Henry VI crowned in Paris

  • 49:23 Jonathan Pageau and the Symbolic World podcast

  • 49:30 Crowning of a king as the founding ritual marriage ceremony

  • 53:24 Christmas in July!

  • 54:19 Reflective Questions Recap

  • 59:21 USS Carl Vinson

  • 01:00 Homework

  • 01:01 "The Gift" by Mary Oliver

Reflective Questions

Can you describe a time when you were awed by something greater than yourself? How did this experience empower and inspire you?

What place do ceremony and ritual hold in your life? How might such celebrations serve to enrich and elevate important moments in your life?

Reading Assignment

  • This episode: Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Bk. 2: Ch. 31-35

  • Next episode: Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Bk. 2: Ch. 36-41


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Heroic Hearts
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