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Joan of Arc and Her Heavenly Mentors

Joan of Arc and Her Heavenly Mentors

Season 1 Episode 4

Joan and Her Heavenly Mentors

In this episode, Walter and Amy discuss all about mentors: who they are, why they are important for the Heroic Hearts journey, and how Joan of Arc's heavenly mentors prepared her for her great calling. If you are discerning your own calling, don't miss this episode on how to benefit from the mentors in your life!

Hosts: Walter Emerson, Amy Chase

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Show Guide

  • 01:29 Enchanting Moments

  • 03:48 Enchantment is not escapism; it's elevating our thinking to a higher plane

  • 08:42 Finding Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in the midst of tragedy

  • 09:07 Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Victor Frankl

  • 10:07 Enchantment as a discipline for learning to see the world with new eyes

  • 12:27 Prayer of the Heroic Hearts

  • 13:32 Review of last week's Reflective Questions

  • 14:41 Amy and Walter share about the obstacles and challenges with starting their podcast

  • 17:05 Criteria for evaluating the authenticity of a calling or mission

  • 17:58 Establishing your mission and vision for your call

  • 19:43 Simon Sinek - "Start with Why"

  • 20:40 Jesus, Jordan Peterson, and Archetypes

  • 22:53 The Communion of Saints as a Kingdom

  • 24:53 Overcoming fear with St. Joan

  • 27:18 Meeting the Mentor in the Hero's Journey

  • 27:57 Athena as Mentor in "The Odyssey"

  • 32:37 St. Joan's heavenly mentors: St. Michael the Archangel, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and St. Margaret of Antioch

  • 34:20 Joan of Arc historian Regine Pernoud

  • 34:49 Four tasks of St. Michael the Archangel

  • 37:14 Speculation about why St. Catherine and St. Margaret appeared to Joan

  • 38:13 St. Joan's virtue of purity

  • 39:20 Purity as "clarity of vision"

  • 41:50 How do we become like our mentors in this process of formation?

  • 42:12 Discovering St. Joan's "field of meaning"

  • 45:10 How we can discern reality in relation to God's point of view?

  • 47:33 Lifting the dome of oppression

  • 51:14 Walter's Reflective Questions

  • 52:10 Amy's Reflective Questions

  • 55:58 "The Bright Field" by R.S. Thomas

Resource Guide

Reflective Questions


  • What “calls” have you received in life? What was their impact?

  • How do you discern a call as a call? By what criteria?


  • Describe a time that a mentor prepared you for a coming challenge. How did they share their wisdom and hope with you?

  • Are you in a position to mentor others? How can you help someone through a difficulty?

Reading Assignment


"The Bright Field" by R.S. Thomas

Cover Art:

St. Michael and the Dragon, Metropolitan Museum of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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