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Heroic Hearts
At the Threshold of Destiny

At the Threshold of Destiny

Season 1 Episode 5

Walter and Amy discuss Joan's pivotal transition to the Extraordinary World, which is called "Crossing the Threshold" in the Hero's Journey. Joan crosses this threshold when she leaves her village of Domremy to travel to Vaucouleurs. There, she'll need to win over the local magistrate and assemble a company of soldiers to begin her quest to rescue France.

Hosts: Walter Emerson and Amy Chase

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Show Guide

  • 01:11 Enchanting Moments

  • 07:09 Prayer of the Heroic Hearts

  • 07:38 Reflective Questions about mentors

  • 10:05 Crossing the Threshold motif

  • 10:28 The Extraordinary World as a place of transcendence

  • 11:05 Joan's departure from Domremy

  • 14:28 The role of Robert de Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs

  • 18:08 Joan's "exorcism"

  • 18:53 Joan's prophecy about the Battle of the Herrings

  • 20:56 The Prophecy of Merlin

  • 24:17 Joan's first supporter, Jean de Metz

  • 25:30 The rules of chivalry

  • 28:25 The Paladin returns!

  • 31:08 Joan's dangerous journey to Chinon

  • 35:22 Joan's character vs. the Paladin

  • 38:58 Joan outwits the enemy

  • 45:01 Joan arrives at Chinon

  • 49:14 The Dauphin's secret

  • 49:55 Reflective Questions

  • 53:00 Homework

  • 53:49 Excerpt from "First Steps, Brancaster" by Malcolm Guite


Reflective Questions


  • Consider the somewhat comical comparison between Joan of Arc and the Paladin. Contemplate where you stand on that continuum.

  • What can you change in your life and thinking to move closer to Joan's character and away from the Paladin's?


  • Describe the beginning of a memorable journey that you've taken. How did you prepare and what were you feeling? Excitement? Nervousness?

  • How did these emotions heighten your experience of the journey?

Reading Assignment

Cover art: Paul Cezanne, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Heroic Hearts
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